englische lyrik

those o’s those

i like those o‘s you draw

all over me especially past day-

and fall when i least expect it. those.

those tiny little dabs you placed al-

most everywhere. everywhere.

at a sunsets end, i hate the way

a tiny bit of light still shines

through the dirty windows.

the ones i never clean, the xmas-

spray decoration was never wiped off.

and i am all. most alone.

englische lyrik

no subject

and as the cats meowed

far past late

the wider, the wider we grow

to a big puddle of things

and such things that rust by the damp.



sit, sat wisely, placed in.

leaving headlights on the left

driving pennyless to some sea, of a name we didn’t know.

you let your big toe get flooded

in between, as if in between the sand-

mann wont get there. laughs


and more of the cold air kept us almost too close.