automatisch geschrieben oder auch nur: übung


cataloging the western, the consumables
under some bush behind someones house leaning a forest
out a dirty window of a
end of this continent

made it into the woods
without losing feet and
v flying birds flying beneath the overcast
verbalized horizons
till the color looked like the inside of a mouth,

[i] had written out your name
past passing
decapitated landmarks crypt –
and visceral
that seem only to leave
a dense
guttaral sound of n n n stutter-
ing on limbs s; teething bones
animals going home
but where is that
if not everywhere
if not the mouse is everywhere if not the duck dies everywhere
housing elevated south in that pond
that pond veining not
without ripples of water; undone disturbance
a bass undertone of koi flapping fins
somnolent now just a-
mount of collective silence. [fingering the notes on my desk
as if they could talk through papercuts]