englische lyrik

love may be on and on on on

some love things
are too much to bear and
inconsistency moves at a pace,
a pace we would never go
to hold on and on and on on on
and like carpets cling to the floor
don’t wanna be removed.
a womens skirt
upliftet. at a breakbeat
the ones we hate.


englische lyrik, vertonte lyrik


Throughout (audio)

Cropped the tickled laughs
in shortcake, only semi-sweet
and swinging to tongues
lingering on and on and on,

like fresh cake kisses
with buttersmudged pictures
on minds,
through wide opened windows,
could have
poured honey all the way
on and so on,

but glancing at the unleashed
tumbling, by rerolled dice
and curtains on our minds,
staying truthfully here to be


© IsaG