eigene lyrik

desire to join flight

watching the birds flock
just around the house front
bei genauestem lichteinfall um 16:00 uhr
while the birds come around to surround
at exact the same route everytime

while the mazement settles but
unsettles me
es stört nichts – unvorhandenes,
als katarrh der unaussprechlichen begierde..

eigene lyrik, poetry

i give my hunter peonies

full of lower case letters: me, me,
while you are, what i only whisper,
as if hunted by epilogues, by primal tides
and things that rule more my night than day

my daughter speaks of i and mine
concluding that all eyes rest on her,
i give her peonies, the ones
a past eastern wind lets grow
and has left to tied knots under the earth,
where some wayward roots have thirstily spread out

and there again is the hunter in my child
with green eyes of a river bearing a trout,
waiting only for i to tell me the story of her.