automatisch geschrieben oder auch nur: übung, englische lyrik

they may tag bees

hoping voices are brittle to the touch till the air
that comes out of their mouths are a modern pile of dust,
weight out and perfectly packaged to crowded stacks that lie
like infinite straws of maybe centimeters apart
from the water everyone will become, so become part

of the water everyone will be. come. likely an alike refers
to the same bus or building or human claw that strips down
indulgant matterless heads of the things created
as bees had become throbbing honey producing matter

warm bees in the sun and leftovers will be tagged,
just as the whale would have exploded his guts into the hori-
zon. so the very fragile may start tagging bees.

englische lyrik

lighting sidewalks

you are the question mark in eyes
on rain chasing behind sunny days.
the way I feel about rain-
bows, if they take place
though they never stay long enough
and can only be measured by minutes
in our entire life. (when we die,
maybe we will sum up all the minutes we have seen them)

you, the sad child, ignite the street with chalk,
light the sidewalk like a match.
to become colored pie in the sky of some sort.

englische lyrik

those o’s those

i like those o‘s you draw

all over me especially past day-

and fall when i least expect it. those.

those tiny little dabs you placed al-

most everywhere. everywhere.

at a sunsets end, i hate the way

a tiny bit of light still shines

through the dirty windows.

the ones i never clean, the xmas-

spray decoration was never wiped off.

and i am all. most alone.