automatisch geschrieben oder auch nur: übung, eigene lyrik

art. fingerhut woman

is not
the finger casket; hut
a nut fell or un
felt is covered with felt

art as the encyclopedia that ripens the month to a sum-

at july unaware of the month
a thumb makes halt at the yellow traffic light; blinking suggests
color; automotive motif –  not framed,
a stroller screams or the insides of the lining;
a bundle with a face
sucking intimacy / mother & breast
on that park bench in olive butter tone
[last year around this time there was
fern growing wild where the WOMAN now nursing stares at earth].

eigene lyrik, englische lyrik

that slow motion tucking of a spring roll

the illicit is tucking a spring roll
into the corners of her mouth
almost like a fucking on freshly mown lawn
i regret leaving portlands perennial rain
impregnating me with the laughter of an
apocalyptical flood, while zapping you-
tube for the vid. of miniscule cooking/
something very tiny very,
i await / that
they dissect & cook a swine head
and i reached a new level.